Proceedings of the International Maritime Lecturers' Association (IMLA) 2021 Joint Conference With IMEC32, ICERS15 and INSLC21

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The study reveals the current supplemental water survival training best practices of American, Spanish and Japanese maritime universities. This research reviews ongoing institutional training above the required STCW practical assessments, Table A-VI/1 and NVIC 08-14. The purpose of this paper is to highlight and share the best practices of participating schools. This vital supplemental training showcased in this study is meant to promote this accessory training throughout all maritime universities. Additionally, the study encourages further discussion on how much supplemental training is needed for today’s mariners. This research will give administrators and instructors valuable insight into their counterparts training methods. The analysis reveals each participating school’s rationale involving the supplemental training. Moreover, the level of importance given to this training in their curriculum and academic schedules. The study reviews training methods, equipment and whether there is an emphasis on swim instruction. The paper intends to be a water survival reference guide, imparting training policies and procedures wherever possible.

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