Proceedings of the International Maritime Lecturers' Association (IMLA) 2021 Joint Conference With IMEC32, ICERS15 and INSLC21

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The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 is still giving impacts to world economy and crisis management system. My cruise ship sailed from Yokohama in Jan 17 2020 to round Asian Cruise with 300 aged passengers and 200 crews under beginning of emergency situation. As a reference of crisis management and human behaviour, designated in STCW convention STCW section V/2 par. 3-4 and is based on the guidelines of IMO Model Course 1.29, I introduce my experience featuring leadership of crisis management of anti-infectious disease of COVID 19 as a captain of cruise ship. The objective of this paper is to suggest that methodology based on leader’s humanism leads better or best results of risk management.

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