Proceedings of the International Maritime Lecturers' Association (IMLA) 2021 Joint Conference With IMEC32, ICERS15 and INSLC21

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Online teaching is becoming an important alternative approach to maritime education, which traditionally relies on face-to-face instruction, particularly during the period when the COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the educational system worldwide. On the base of the conceptualization of online education through a literature review, this study demonstrates the case of an innovative online teaching system developed and implemented by Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) that successfully allowed some 20,000 students to resume learning despite the COVID-19 disruption. To realize large-scale online teaching, four phases of development the SMU underwent are introduced. The whole process of planning, preparation, implementation as well as evaluation is elaborated. In addition to class teaching, other major activities delivered remotely are also introduced, including short-term training programs, graduation ceremony, online career fairs, online interviews for postgraduate admission. Difficulties and challenges in shifting to the new teaching method and how SMU developed effective strategies to solve these issues are addressed. This study provides a valuable example of an online teaching system realized in a maritime institution. Furthermore, it may serve as an inspirational reference to peer maritime institutions to adopt or improve their competence of online learning systems.

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