Proceedings of the International Maritime Lecturers' Association (IMLA) 2021 Joint Conference With IMEC32, ICERS15 and INSLC21

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The paper is devoted to the analysis of typical phonological mistakes made by Russian-speaking maritime cadets and the teaching tools enabling maritime English instructors to correct them and to improve the phonological competence of maritime students. Today, addressing the issues of foreign accent in the speech of maritime professionals, one cannot underestimate the importance of the correct implementation of the prosodic system of the language being studied, since the quality of the implementation of a coherent text is undoubtedly the result of the adequate use in speech of both segmented and suprasegmental language means, that is separate phonemes and intonation. The comparison of the requirements of the Model Course 3.17 in phonology with cadets’ test results assessment have displayed the phonological specificity of their accent which is allegedly caused by cross-cultural interference. The results of the study allow concluding that cognitive factors along with the prosodic system of the mother tongue belong to the interfering elements that cause phonological accent in speech in situations of professional communication, The main outcome of the research is determined by the opportunity to use the structured list of most typical prosodic errors in the process of forming cadets’ Maritime English competence.

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