An increasingly ice-diminished environment in the Arctic is accelerating interest and potential for new maritime trade routes, merchant transportation, and resource development such as mining, oil & gas exploration, tourism and fishing. The IMO and the Arctic Council have been focused on ‘Safe Arctic Shipping’ through the recently adopted Polar Code and as a key theme among the Arctic Council’s priorities. The World Maritime University plays a key role in conducting research on, and building capacity in, Arctic issues and governance.

The pace of development in the Arctic marine environment is challenging our capacity to prepare for it in a safe and sustainable way. It is urgent to engage stakeholders in resource development, shipping, sustainable management, and those most likely impacted (e.g., coastal communities) in the ShipArc 2015 international conference to discuss a forward-looking regulatory, governance, research, and capacity-building agenda that will assist in achieving Safe and Sustainable Shipping in a Changing Arctic Environment.

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Tuesday, August 25th - Setting the Scene
Wednesday, August 26th - Providing the Context
Thursday, August 27th - Building the Future Agenda
The Polar Code: Implementation & Compliance Assurance
Beyond the Polar Code
Arctic Governance
Sustainable Arctic Business Development
Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment
Training, Capacity-Building, Science & Research