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Doctor of Philosophy in Maritime Affairs


Ph.D (Maritime Affairs)


Malmö, Sweden




In the maritime industry, a significant number ofemerging andcomplex challenges occurring,has engagedlimitedattention andtenuousgovernance structures that can hardly deal with such complexities. Hence, the need for practitioners to seekinnovativeplanning approachesfor addressing suchcomplexities,particularly thecumulative impacts on the marine environment. Suchswellingeffect,cannot be overemphasized inthe Gulf of Guinea marine region which lies between Cape Lopez in Gabon andCape Palmas in Liberia. This region,has a long history of conflicting marine uses and unresolved disputes.Prior to 2020, three adjacent nationsin thisregion have engaged in a hostofsovereigndisputes anddomestic conflictsas chronicled in Chapter One. Pressing challengesof this nature,necessitated an extensive interrogation of contemporary literature to help conceptualizeand developan overarching transboundary geospatial framework,capable ofaddressingsuch long-standing hurdles in the region.The proposed frameworkwhich was developedin light ofthe research analysisand empirical lessons,sought toaddressspatial developmentchallengespertainingtostakeholder engagement,joint agreements, political and legal support, financial,investment and fund management, planningcomplexities,data acquisitionandplanimplementation.Essentially, this analytical framework is postulated tomaximize regionalcooperation and promote peaceful co-existence, enhance coordination and prevent future overlapping entitlements, and protect and develop the environment to accelerateblue economic growthin theGoG marineregion