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WMU Papers in Maritime and Ocean Affairs







This guidebook is the first of a series of WMU Papers in Maritime and Ocean Affairs. It introduces the Human Error Identification technique TRACEr-Mar (Technique for the Retrospective and predictive Analysis of Cognitive Errors adapted to the Maritime Domain).

Modern socio-technical systems had witnessed a complex co-evolution and interaction of both social and technical aspects in the day-to-day reality. However, when an accident occurs in such complex systems, accident causation models always have to simplify the reality and may therefore be limited for fully understanding all the aspects involved in the failing of the maritime socio-technical system involved in that accident. In order to carry out an accident investigation that covers the needs of a particular investigator, different tools exist. A systematic accident analysis requires a full methodological framework consisting of a model to support the focus of the investigation, a related data taxonomy, a methodology for the application of the taxonomy and an outline of the analysis of the findings. This guidebook provides the necessary information for such a framework, TRACEr-Mar, as adapted to the Maritime domain. This framework focusses on human machine interfaces and the related decision making during maritime operations.

The guidebook is addressed to practitioners and researchers determined to apply the TRACEr-Mar technique to maritime accident investigations.

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