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Within the framework of the EU-funded SAFEMODE project, a series of confidential, in-depth interviews of seafarers and investigators was carried out to ascertain the current status of Safety Culture in the shipping industry, and to recommend possible avenues for improvement. The interview script covered practices in incident and accident investigation and reporting, the Human Element, the factors that keep the ship safe, the role of the Safety Management System, Just Culture and Safety Learning. The seafarers’ and investigators’ interviews were complemented by small focus groups with unions, education and safety bodies. Participants were open and genuine in providing their opinions, as anonymity was preserved. The general consensus among interviewees was that seafarers are the ones who keep ships safe at sea, which is a good omen for Safety Culture in the shipping industry. The originally intended ‘destination’ for the shipping industry was to be Just Culture, but the interviews quickly revealed that Safety Learning, already evident in some parts of the industry, appeared a more pragmatic and attainable destination, one that could add safety improvements and shore up Safety Culture