Datasets are collected by the library either in Spreadsheet format (ODF or XLSX), as tab or comma delimited text files (i.e., CSV -- C"omma Separated Values") or as SQL Dump files. If proprietary software is needed it will be so noted in the details page of the individual item

Commercial content that is limited to members of the university or to on campus visitors will be so noted. Such content may not be redistributed and may be used only for personal, academic purposes

Open Access content collected from the open web or donated by WMU faculty and students is free to redistribute, but must be properly acknowledged in any publications that make use of them


Submissions from 2015


Loaded Containers Monthly Imports and Exports Through Port Authority of NY NJ Maritime Terminals: Beginning 2000, New York Port Authority

Submissions from 2013


IHS Casualty Statistics 2013, IHS