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Safety Science

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The purpose of this paper is to reflect on accident causation models and accident investigation methods. Theories on accident causation and the modelling of accident mechanisms, as well as a number of methods for accident investigation have been developed and described in the literature. The evolution of accident causation models over time shows a shift from the sequence of events to the representation of the whole system. Respectively, the evolution of accident investigation methods over time reveals a gradual shift from searching for a single immediate cause, to the recognition of multiple causes. In order to evaluate the accident investigation methods, specific plausible requirements were established in order to verify that a specific accident investigation method fulfils the principles of a specific accident causation model or give evidence to the degree of alignment between them. Since different models approach accident causation in different ways, methods linked to these models provide fragmentary information regarding the accident. It is therefore expected that using a combination of model-method pairs could provide a more reliable platform for accident analysis.