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Environmental Research

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This study developed a prediction model for estimating urban inland waterway traffic noise emission level. The model based on the Scandinavian Nord 2000 method, which was modified by adding two categories of traffic flow, comprising light and heavy vessels, as well as vessel average speed to the calculating equations. Meanwhile, the influences of the water surface and embankment were also considered in the established model. Model verification was conducted using the data surveyed at the 30 sampling points of Danjinlicaohe Channel in Jiangsu Province of China. A high correlation was found between the predicted and measured noise values LAeq (Pearson correlation coefficient = 0.949, p < 0.01). And the mean difference between the predicted and measured noise values was 0.16 ± 1.28 dBA. The results showed that the proposed model had higher accuracy than the unmodified Nord 2000 method and can be applied for predicting vessel noise exposure level on inland waterway of China.