Port sustainable supply chain management framework: Contributing to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals

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Maritime Technology and Research

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Sustainability is a fundamental concept and, thus, is always placed in the center of business management, which includes 3 different dimensions: environment, economy, and society. Port supply chain management is no exception in encompassing these dimensions. Port sustainable supply chain management can be associated with implementing the United Nations’ (UN) sustainable development goals (SDGs). Little effort has been made to shed light on this association. Therefore, an attempt is made in this study to build a framework that comprises measures for the port sustainable supply chain management. The measures are examined by the utilization of the “dashboard of 5 Ps” (Peace, People, Planet, Partnership, Prosperity) in order to identify how the framework measures can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. Results show that ports have the potential to influence all of the SDGs, either directly or indirectly. Additionally, the framework can be viewed as a conceptual tool that is very appropriate for ports that aim to integrate economic and social aspects along with environmental concerns and push forward the implementation of the UN 2030 agenda, internally and externally, while collaborating with supply chains.