Mario Coccia

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Technology in Science

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One of the interesting questions in the field of social sciences is to explain why nations produce science and technology that generate economic and social change. This paper endeavors to systematize some drivers of science and technology (S&T) of nations. The thesis of this paper is that nations produce science and technology to endorse a social and economic power directed to take advantage of important opportunities or to cope with environmental threats in competitive settings. In particular, science and technology are due to organized social and economic efforts of nations to achieve breakthroughs directed to support interests of institutions and wellbeing of population. In general, the production of science and technology is driven by individuals, which have the natural tendency to seek out novelty and challenges, to explore, to learn and to achieve goals within efficient organizations in line with national interests. Empirical evidence here seems to support the psychosocial determinants of science and technology for nations. Overall, then this paper may form a ground work for development of more sophisticated studies and theoretical frameworks in research fields of the drivers of S&T in society.