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Advances in Computers



The chapter provides a high level understanding of how ERP system alongside Blockchain technology will be a powerful tool to improve supply chain operations. The chapter details out how the two technologies will complement each other in every aspect of supply chain functions bringing in transparency, efficiency, and cost reduction. The chapter considers every aspects of supply chain for an ERP enabled organizations and details out use cases for master data, engineering design, sales process, procurement process, demand and supply planning process, manufacturing process, and logistics management processes. The chapter provides use case details and high level understanding of technology for product provenance and how it can bring in supply chain transparency using blockchain. The chapter illustrates theoretical and conceptual model for use of open and permissioned blockchain in different supply chain applications with real life practical use cases as is being developed and deployed in various industries and business functions. The chapter also emphasizes the use of blockchain in distribution industry and how it can solve pertinent problems as it exists today in the distribution supply chain. The chapter ends with an outlook of blockchain how it will shape the future to come and challenges which lies there within.