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European Journal of Operational Research

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Maritime cabotage is a legislation published by a particular coastal country, which is used to conduct the cargo transportation between its two domestic ports. This paper proposes a two-phase mathematical programming model to formulate the liner hub-and-spoke shipping network design problem subject to the maritime cabotage legislations, i.e., the hub location and feeder allocation problem for phase I and the ship route design with ship fleet deployment problem for phase II. The problem in phase I is formulated as a mixed-integer linear programming model. By developing a hub port expanding technique, the problem in phase II is formulated as a vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery. A Lagrangian relaxation based solution method is proposed to solve it. Numerical implementations based on the Asia–Europe–Oceania shipping services are carried out to account for the impact analysis of the maritime cabotage legislations on liner hub-and-spoke shipping network design problem.