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Ocean Engineering

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This paper describes an effort to develop a predictive tool for the design of a new promising marine transport — the WIG craft. The presented mathematical model of the WIG craft is capable of modeling the aerodynamics of a WIG system including the ground effect, the hydrodynamics of a stepped planing hull with a hydrofoil and also the simulation of motion for the craft. Based on extensive experience using the model, it is shown that the most important and necessary features of WIG aero- and hydrodynamics are taken into account. The results of simulations have been validated through comparison with other theoretical approaches and also with model experiments. The mathematical model is applied to investigate the dynamics of the small manually piloted WIG craft: “Hydrowing VT01”. The numerical study resulted in recommendations allowing the pilot to overcome the pitch-up tendency and also to perform the take-off manoeuvre smoothly. The stability of the WIG with a hydrofoil and also the dynamic properties of anti-collision manoeuvres have been studied and are presented.