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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

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Abstract This paper presents preliminary research on ocean renewable energy (ORE) in Southeast Asia (SEA). It gives an overview of the ORE status of the region in terms of its potential and existing policies that support the utilization of ORE as an alternative source of energy. The study argues that there is potential to harness ORE in this region; however, there are a number of challenges to fully utilize this potential. This work presents (1) collated ORE resource information, (2) collated policies relevant to increase uptake in the region, and (3) an ORE development matrix which is important for analyzing the gaps in utilizing ORE in SEA. A review discussion on the unique conditions of SEA in terms of resource and ORE-relevant policies are tackled. Special attention is given to existing policy frameworks and regional non-economic barriers to see how these could impact the development of ORE in SEA.