The new public management and its application into the Chilean maritime administration, within the Chile Navy / by Dinson Baack Vasquez.

Dinson. Baack Vasquez, World Maritime University


The importance of Maritime Administrations in the context of a globalized world has been increasing, as the international maritime community gets more involved in the shipping industry and in those issues concerning regulatory framework. In this scenario, it is necessary to analyze a tool able to provide an efficient and proactive system to meet the requirements of the private sector and also, to generate the conditions for an enhancement of the global economy. Thus, the New Public Management became the main model during the last 30 years, where governments made the necessary changes in order to achieve the purpose of the new managerial system. However, some public services are delegated into military organizations such as the case of the Chilean Maritime Administration, a government agency within the Chile Navy. The analysis of the Traditional Public Administration and the New Public Management lead to identify the managerial model, whereby DIRECTEMAR has been organized, and; jointly with a case study about the outsourcing process in UK Search and Rescue Service, the considerations on the possibilities of reforms in the Chilean Maritime Administration. The conclusion and recommendations are given according to the benefits and opportunities that Chile has to considerer for further changes, taking as a foundation the current condition of a military agency.