Northern Arabian Gulf a critical area for maritime safety and security / by Sameer Marzoq

Sameer A. Marzoq, World Maritime University


The purpose of this study is to look for a solution for the problem on maritime safety and security in The Northern Arabian Gulf (NAG). Due to the absence of an agreement between the countries of the North Arabian Gulf and the existence of cases of instability, which took advantage of the other parties to carry out criminal acts adversely affect the safety and security of the region came this research for the purpose of shedding light on this problem and then propose appropriate solutions in accordance with international laws of the seas and oceans. It also intends to provide a mechanism that will encourage the three countries to enter into an agreement in order to deter the crimes at sea. As there are no clear rules as to the control power of each country over the area, considering the peculiar situation and considering UNCLOS with respect to territorial jurisdiction and SOLAS an in depth study and analysis is needed to find a solution to the problem.