Establishing a new protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance institution in Turkey / by Muhammet Alper Keceli.

Muhammet Alper. Keceli, World Maritime University


Insurance draws attention as a sector that is understood much better in terms of its importance especially in recent years globally and in Turkey as well and this sector is developing each day. In direct proportion to the development of insurance, the importance of marine insurance forming a special part of insurance has also come to the surface. Marine insurance, as a field has unique characteristics that can dominant from general insurance principles from certain angles, and stands before us as a dynamic field necessary to be reviewed and handled over and over again with the developments in the world. In Turkey, there have been various studies related to some of the fields of marine insurance. In this dissertation, components of Protection and Indemnity Insurance will be dealt with comprehensively. Furthermore, problems and solution methods associated with club insurance practices are addressed.