Bottlenecks in the implementation of integrated coastal zone management : an integrated coastal zone management action plan for Turkey / by H. Ilyas Karabiyik.

Hidir Ilyas Karabiyik, World Maritime University


Due to their strategic, economic and social value, the importance of coasts in the world is increasing day by day. Many developed economies are in the process of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) which is not a new term for the academic world. But there is a long way for undeveloped and developing countries regarding implementation of ICZM including Turkey. This dissertation is a study of the evaluation of the coastal zone management in the world and Turkey with the analysis of lessons taken. An overview of the ICZM implementation process in different countries in the world, including the best practices and the less successful ones, success and failure factors and enhanced bottlenecks are examined. Additionally, the current situation of the Turkish coasts in terms of coastal zone management is analyzed taking into account types of coastal zones or areas, legal basis and institutional capacity. The concluding chapter puts forward a proposal for An Integrated Coastal Zone Management Action Plan for Turkey including capacity building, legal and institutional framework and sustainable development within an overview of the study.