Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


General Maritime Administration & Environment Protection


Malmö, Sweden


Saudi Arabia

First Advisor

Sampson, Theodore.


The dissertation is an introductory study to the ways in which the Saudi Coast Guard can be best organized for sharing the responsibilities for responding to oil spills in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the Meteorological and Environment Protection Agency of the Ministry of Defence. A brief look is taken at the uses and the state of the marine and coastal environment. Marine areas are described in some detail. An idea of the intensity of oil production and transportation is given. The need for creating background information directed to the future environment control department is stressed throughout the dissertation. This begins with the description of the main international legal instruments, conventions and treaties. A discussion of Law 157 of 20/11/1411 H is also offered. Policies, strategies, classification of oil spills, environmental control and control > procedures are explored with a view to define the way in which the organization can be best structured. An Environmental Control Management Steering Group, the Environmental Protection Task Force of the Saudi Coast Guard is proposed. Responsibilities and functions of the new department are listed. One chapter is dedicated to the details of the proposed organization of the Environment Protection Task Force. The roles of the different elements of the organizational structure, in emergency situations and non-emergency situations are described. A description of the structure and objectives of the Task Force is given. The response to marine oil t spill is considered in detail. Emphasis is placed on oil spills from tankers.