Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


International Transportation & Logistics


Shanghai, China



First Advisor

Ronghua, Hou.


With the construction of the first phrase of the Yangshan Deep-water Port, it has successfully brought Shanghai and its surrounding areas billions of dollars benefit income. It is quite obvious that every transportation project is aimed to get the most economic benefit income, but it is also can not denied that certainly negative influences to humans’ health, natural resources and ecologic environment is being brought when the transport project is being built and putting into operating. So it is obvious that any economic benefits making by the Yangshan Deep-water Port should not at the sacrifice of environment and ecology. But refer to the present method of calculating the economic benefits of the Yangshan Deep-water Port, it has mostly focus on the economic evaluation aspects, so we put forward the question of how to apply green gross domestic product (GDP) index which bases on ecologic and environmental aspects into the method of calculating the benefits of the Yangshan Deep-water Port to meet the requirement of sustainable development. In the dissertation, it has divided into following parts. The first chapter is the introduction. This chapter has included the problem formulation, the methodology and purposes of the study and the overall structure of the dissertation. In chapter two, it is the literature review, which has introduced the present methods to calculate economic benefits of a certain transport project. And in chapter three, it will present the background of Yangshan Deep-water Port and “with and without test” which is the present method to calculate the economic benefits of the Yangshan Deep-water Port. The forth chapter is referring to application of green GDP concept into the calculating method of economic benefits of Yangshan Port. There would be three aspects will be influenced from the construction and operating stages of the Yangshan deep-water Port, such as the human being health, natural resources and ecologic environment. And in the last chapter, it discusses the difficulties to apply green GDP concepts into the whole evaluation method. So after a period of time’s researching the relating theories and backgrounds of this problem, and with the help and guidance of Professor Hou Ronghua, I have tried my best to make analysis of the present method of calculating economic benefits of Yangshan Deep-water Port, and provided solutions and recommendations of how to modify the method under the concepts of green GDP.