Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


International Transportation & Logistics


Shanghai, China



First Advisor

Beihua, Zong.


With the development of economic globalization, Port, which is regarded as the pivot of sea and land, takes increasingly important role in regional economy. In my country, 3 big port clusters shape in costal region. They are Bohai rim’s economy circle port cluster, Yangtze River delta economy circle port cluster and Pearl River delta economy circle port cluster. Of these three big port clusters, Shanghai port’s pivot status in Yangtze River delta is unshakeable by its own strength and its strong hinterland. In Pearl River delta, Xianggang port’s cock status can’t be suppressed by Shenzhen port and Guangzhou port in short period by right of its own strength. But in Bohai rim’s port cluster, Qingdao port, Tianjin port and Dalian port’s power is pretty much the same. The competition within these 3 ports is very serious. At the same time, the competition with oversea port is also very serious and a large proportion of cargoes in the north of china are transferred at oversea. If we let this “transfer at oversea” situation going on, all of the north port of china will become feeder port of Pusan port. This outcome is not hoped by china. So establishing china north international shipping center, rationalizing branch line and main line, complementing advantage and disadvantage and taking part in competing for becoming north container pivot port is of great importance. Under this situation, as the biggest all-around port, what should Tianjin port do? Just aiming at this, I carry through analyzing and container throughput prediction. Then at the end paper, I will give Tianjin port’s container development strategy.