Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


General Maritime Administration & Environment Protection


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Pardo, Fernando.


This dissertation, a study of the “Analysis of Recent Marine Pollution Problems and Effects Arising from Sea Transport Activities in Jakarta Bay”, was prepared for the Research and Development Agency under the Indonesian Ministry of Communications. The results of the study are applicable to other areas of Indonesian territorial waters. as the problems related to sea transportation seem to be of a similar nature in most areas. Marine pollution problems and effects are only one of the environmental problems that the world faces today. However, it has afar and wide-reaching impact on the globe and its population, thus making it one of the most important subjects in global environmental issues around the world. Although marine pollution problems come from various sources, those which come from sea transportation are given more public attention because of their potential threat to the marine environment. Many of the international regulations relating to marine pollution prevention are the outcome of marine accident problems which have caused extensive oil spills. Legislation has been concerned with new designs. structure and equipment. But, it cannot be fully effective until the human element is committed to safety and possesses a high respect for the environment. This study endeavers to provide an understanding of the current condition of Jakarta Bay, polluted by human activities, especially sea transport activities. In this connection, the study also endeavers to provide a framework for incorporating an environmental protection policy in the Indonesian sea transportation system to raise the awareness of Indonesian sea transport operators. The approach discussed in this study is the integration of pollution prevention and environment protection through the identification of the present problems and scope of marine pollution from sea transport activities, and analysis of the impact created by sea transport on the marine environment of Jakarta Bay. Other important effective tools to protect our environment are also examined. These include setting up environmental impact and risk assessment of sea transport activities, analysis of sources and effects of marine environment pollution from sea transport activities. scientific guidance on pollution issues attributable to sea transport activities, and the application of international, regional and national legal instruments or regulations. The concluding chapters offer measures to improve existing environment conditions of Jakarta Bay, and discuss the potential use of legal instruments and regulations, international. regional and national, to integrate marine pollution prevention and environmental protection in Indonesian territorial waters. The interplay between international or regional environmental policy and national action is emphasised to achieve an effective sustainable development program in the maritime sector.