Towards setting up an effective system to protect the Persian Gulf marine environment from oil pollution

Davoud Sharifi, WMU


The dissertation is a study of the importance of protection of the marine environment of the Persian Gulf in order to propose a better system for oil pollution prevention, preparedness and response. The present system in the maritime administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran is briefly examined to see its capabilities in this respect. Then the relevant current national laws and regulations are examined. Further, the international and regional treaty instruments for oil pollution prevention, preparedness, and response are studied. The difficulties of implementation of these instruments and the ways and means to overcome them will also be considered. The need for regional cooperation in accession and implementation of the existing international treaty instruments is also discussed. Then the importance of ratification of IMO conventions on liability and compensation for oil pollution damage and their benefit for the nation are briefly examined. The concluding chapter contains recommendations for setting up an effective system of protection of the marine environment.