Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Oceans Sustainability, Governance & Management


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Baldauf, Michael.


This dissertation aims to design a new monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) component that may be suitable for Peruvian artisanal fishing. When it refers to suitable, it means that it should be low-cost and compatible with other MCS systems to improve the fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. In this regard, through the triangulation among methods including the content analysis as well as interviews and questionnaires to the primary stakeholders of the Peruvian artisanal fishing, it was found that there is a direct connection between a suitable MCS and the fulfilment of the target 14.b of the Sustainable Development Goal 14: provide artisanal fishers access to marine resources and markets. This connection is the key factor to aid to solve the two most important Peruvian artisanal fishing problems, immersed in a vicious circle that prevents their development: informality and low productivity of the value chain. Thus, if the Peruvian artisanal fishing it is formalized, there is going to be a fewer risk to marine ecosystems, so, fishers would have more access to resources. Likewise, the value chain would be more productive, and the fishers would have more access to local and international markets and in turn more possibility to formalization. In this sense, the way to achieve such formalization is through a suitable MCS. Finally, to find a suitable MCS, with the data gotten from triangulation and having employed a multi-criteria decision-making method to compare the most important trends in MCS, it is concluded that the integrated use of drones and Quick Response codes are the best solution possible to a suitable MCS. This new design was theoretically tested taking the results of a previous study from 2016. However, for their implementation, future research focusing on the application and experimentation of the new design is necessary.