The conception, planning and implementation of integrated coastal and ocean management for sustainable blue economy in Bangladesh

Sabbir Mahmood
Harunur Rashid


The dissertation is a study of the integrated coastal and ocean management for sustainable blue economy in Bangladesh. The main objective of the research is to understanding the conception of Blue economy in Bangladesh, analyzing existing institutions, laws and policy and investigating the human impact and anthropogenic pressures on the ocean due to growth of blue economy. The expected outcome of the research is articulation of the best integrated coastal and ocean management for sustainable blue economy suitable for Bangladesh. The successful settlement of ocean dispute with Myanmar and India in 2012 and 2014 opened the opportunity for Bangladesh to utilize the ocean resource and continue with its socio-economic progress. The Government also has taken many policy measures to explore the blue economy and reduce the poverty level. However, the opportunities and challenges for sustainable economic growth by exploring ocean are simultaneously high in Bangladesh. Therefore, this research is timely with real life implications to evaluate the socio-economic contribution and prospects of the coastal and marine resources of Bangladesh, the impact of human pressure on the marine eco-system, and finally the management approach for balancing the economic growth and ocean health. The final output of such huge work is the solution approached on the integration of the coastal and ocean management in Bangladesh. The study has provided insights on the various steps of management practice in term of coastal and ocean resource exploitation and environment protection by managers in Bangladesh. The study on integrated coastal and ocean management in Bangladesh is highly challenging with plenty constraints which will also contribute into the global ocean knowledge. A number of recommendations are made concerning the need for further investigation in the subject.