Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Administration


Malmö, Sweden


South Korea

First Advisor

Nakazawa, Takeshi.


The dissertation is a study of the viability of commercialization of the Wing-In-Ground (WIG) craft, which is a novel type of marine transportation, currently being developed, so not yet commercialized in full scale.

A brief look is taken at present development, and at the historical overview of WIG craft. The main principles and technical issues of WIG craft are examined, taking into account whether there are technical barriers or not. On account of the inherent peculiarities of WIG craft, which possess the characteristics of both aircraft and ship, the legal status of WIG craft is obscure to some extent. The legal status of WIG craft is involved with IMO and ICAO, current international legislations and legal issues of WIG craft are examined.

Economic reasonableness for WIG craft is analyzed in both theoretical and practical methods. Economic efficiencies and effectiveness of WIG craft are evaluated by various theories. Directing operating costs are analyzed and evaluated, comparing the results of WIG craft obtained by the model with those of other vehicles for the purpose of examining economic reasonableness.Additionally, safety related matters which are essential for commercialization of WIG craft are discussed. A few recommendations are made to encourage commercialization of WIG craft.