Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Ports and Shipping Administration


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Alderton, P.M.


A seaport is fundamentally a central place of economic and cultural interchange ; more specifically, it is a place where the mode of transportation changes from land to water-borne systems . As a modern node in a multimodal system , the essential function of a seaport is transport integration ; but in performing this function , and for other reasons , a seaport may also become a major urban centre , an important source of employment , and an influencial factor in regional and national development . Therefore , it is unwise to approach the problems of seaports in isolation. The object of this project is to analyse the constraints to seaport development and the potentialities for seaport development in Zaire . The Zairean seaports are analysed in relation to the space economy of the hinterland they serve . For a good understanding any seaport has to be considered in regional , national and international terms , and in relation to the various factors that influence its development and operations. Increased understanding of the role of the Zairean seaports in relation to the Zairean economy will not necessarily lead to the panacea solution of any of the problems with which the ports are associated ; but it will provide part of the essential background against which such problems can be assessed in a better way. Most of the specific aspects of the Zairean seaports are discussed here and are set within a broader appreciation of port problems and are used to illustrate ways in which the problems may be approached and analysed.

The work is based on studies made by European consultants and the reports received from the Zairean Port Authority Throughout the study statistical data are mainly taken from international institutions , such as UNCTAD and the World Bank for the sake of objectivity . Nevertheless , the responsibility for remaining errors i my own and views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Zairean Authorities . It is perfectly true that people directly involved in shipping , in port business and those looking at the cargoes know more about shipping and port planning than I do , but I hope that the project will be of a certain value for reference material and new issues raised on a well known subject in Zaire . In this thesis an attempt is made to place the study of seaports within the overall context of transport systems and their relationships with development , but for limitation reason due to the fact that the work is dealing precisely with seaport problems and by lack of time the transport systems and their relationships with development are not analysed in details.