Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Shipping Management & Logistics


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Donner, Patrick.


Private Shipping Line is a business venture in the shipping industry that Ghana cannot boast of as compared to the ports in the country and as such the research seeks to delineate the challenges associated with private ownership of shipping lines in Ghana and the way forward towards the future.

An account is given on the challenges of private ownership of shipping lines which takes into consideration the challenges faced by the national shipping line which led to its demise. Policies made by government are assessed and examined to determine their effects on private entities. A number of solutions are investigated to help minimize the challenges identified.

From the research, it was discovered that the government of Ghana does not financially assist its indigenes with the acquisition of vessels. In addition, the accessibility of funds was proven to be very challenging for potential ship owning investors in the shipping business, as the local banks are either unwilling or unable to grant loans.

The research revealed that a majority of Ghanaian seafarers is employed by foreign shipping lines as a result of the unavailability of private shipping lines owned by nationals. Interestingly, a national shipping line was preferred over a private shipping line for the country.

The results attained are analyzed in the concluding chapter which discusses the challenges faced by private ownership of shipping lines and solutions necessary to curb them and hence outlines recommendations for the encouragement of the private individuals of Ghana to engage in private shipping line.