Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Law & Policy


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Dalaklis, Dimitrios.


The dissertation is a study of the restructuring activities of entities of China’s maritime law enforcement by focusing on the establishment of China’s Coast Guard Administration. Because China’s Coast Guard Administration was just established two years ago, the aim of this dissertation is to analyse the current situation of China’s Coast Guard Administration, and then identify and analyse challenges and opportunities in China’s Coast Guard Administration. In order to provide a comprehensive cognition of the reasons for establishing China’s Coast Guard Administration, the dissertation initially provides a brief explanation of the drawbacks of the past situation of entities of maritime law enforcement in China. Then the current situation of China’s Coast Guard Administration is analysed by stating the framework and initial mandates of China’s Coast Guard Administration. Importantly, the legal foundations for previous departments are analysed and some of them are still available for China’s Coast Guard Administration. The legal analysis is divided into two levels, which are international laws and domestic laws. Significantly, a vast number of challenges faced by China’s Coast Guard Administration are identified and analysed by internal and external challenges. Besides, existing opportunities within China’s Coast Guard Administration are analysed as well as three different aspects. The concluding chapter summarizes the discussion and analysis of this dissertation, as well as confirming the challenges and opportunities are fulfilling the aim of this dissertation. Finally, several feasible recommendations are put forward which are based on the analysis of challenges and opportunities to promote the development of China’s Coast Guard Administration.