Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Baldauf, Michael.


The dissertation is a study of big data for the use in the maritime industry. Today’s society is information-intensive. The term “big data” is becoming more common. In fact, some maritime companies and institutions have already been trying to utilize big data for enhancing maritime safety and environmental protection. In order to promote this trend, the dissertation tries to identify common and important challenges for the whole maritime industry in terms of the utilization of big data and propose corresponding solutions. First, by reviewing the definitions of big data, three major features are identified. Big data takes electronic form, is derived through various sensors, and has difficulties in treatment. In terms of difficulty, there are four aspects, which are volume, velocity, variety and veracity. Noting these features, the scope of the dissertation is set as electronic voyage-related data derived on board ships. It is clarified that the major features of big data is applicable to such data. Second, examples of cutting edge institution/framework related to maritime big data are studied. As such institutions, DNV-GL, Lloyd’s Register Foundation and e-navigation framework in the IMO are chosen. Consequently, four major categories of difficulty in further use of maritime big data are identified. They are sound competitive conditions, human resources, technology and security. Third, possible solutions for identified four categories of problem are discussed and proposed. Regarding sound competitive conditions, instructions on rights and responsibilities of treating big data should be provided. As regards human resources, governments are expected to show its strategy on nurturing experts in need and promote cooperation with the academia and associated industry. Development of technology can be underpinned by research and development aid scheme as well as unification of the style of relevant data sets. Security issue requires well-established legislations and secure and resilient system against cyber-attacks.