Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Shipping Management


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Ma, Shuo.


The dissertation is a study of the impacts of the new fixed link over the Oresund on the Swedish transport logistics system. Sweden is separated from the continent by its peninsula situation. The advent of the Oresund link in the year 2000 is going to be a historic event that represents a major step in the integration of Scandinavia into the EU. For the first time, Sweden will be linked directly by land to the continental Europe. The new fixed link will have various effects in the region, including impacts on the transport logistics related to the carriage of goods from and to Sweden. It would appear that one of the main beneficiaries of the fixed link would be the railway if efforts are made to develop the European railway network. In particular, this will comprise transport over medium and long-distance. Besides rail transport, road transport on short distances is also expected to be the main user of the Oresund link, taking advantage of the 24-hour opening of the bridge. v On long distances to the continent, ferry lines via Trelleborg remain the most advantageous routes for road transport as the crossing time is taken as a rest period for the driver. The main airports in the Oresund region, Kastrup and Sturup airports will benefit from the new fixed link which will connect these airports to the road and rail network on both sides of the Sound.