Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


International Transportation & Logistics


Shanghai, China



First Advisor

Hu, Meifeng.


During the past decade, China’s crude oil import has risen sharply, which demands the immediately matching shipping capacity of the domestic oil shipping companies. Therefore, how to steer the Chinese oil shipping enterprises towards a promising development is a very big problem facing the Chinese entrepreneurs. This paper has tried to provide some practical suggestion to improve Chinese oil shipping companies’ core competence based on the analysis of Chinese Shipping Tanker Company, which is typical representative for this industry. After having studied the measuring methods of the core competence and the index system building principles, the author constructs a complete set of index for evaluating the core competence of oil shipping companies, during which, the innovative combination of AHP and SWOT is used. SWOT analysis can define the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And the AHP method can briefly determine the index weight. The author discusses the weight-determined steps of the AHP. At last, the author introduces the model for determining the evaluation results by employing IFE (Internal Factors Evaluation)and EFE(External Factors Evaluation) matrix. Basing on the priority of the SO, WO, ST and WT strategies, the primary task of China Shipping Tanker Company is to develop the competitiveness of fleet by increasing the operation performance as well as enhancing the fleet carrying capacity. The conclusion drawn from China Shipping Tanker Company can also be used for reference and applied in other oil shipping companies in China under the environment that fostering core competence has become the aim of oil shipping companies in the fiercely competitive market. For the reasons that the author has no actual working experience, and the lack of most up-dated data, this paper must has a lot to improve, but the purpose of author is to explore a new approach to measure the core competence with what he has learned in the past one year.