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Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Law & Policy


Malmö, Sweden



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Mukherjee, Proshanto K.


This dissertation is a study of the sensitive and complex maritime security issues of transportation of stowaways, smuggling drugs and contraband goods by sea from the Maghreb region. It considers the national and international contexts within which those threats have grown and discusses the root causes and consequences of this menace with emphasis on legal and policy aspects. This latter represents a challenge for the Maghreb States related to strategies, decision making fostering new reforms and proactive countermeasures. A particular focus on the notion of “maritime crime” is offered. An overview of the new maritime security concerns faced by the Maghreb region and the evolution of law and policy related to these “criminal acts” is provided with regard to the transnational scope, spectrum and continuum of maritime crimes. Particular emphasis is given to the roles of IMO and Maghreb’s policy makers and the usefulness of maritime security assessment tools. A brief look is taken at the policy development in the Maghreb region and its response to the menace. Additionally, the Danish and Swedish experiences in this context are provided. An analysis of different security concepts and models is offered, such as the mapping concept which was evaluated for further use by policy makers. The concluding chapter examines the findings of the different reviews and analyses carried out. Furthermore, it draws a number of recommendations concerning the legal and policy aspects, potential security measures to be implemented and the need for further studies and investigation in the subject.


Winner of 2007 Informa Law - Lloyd’s Maritime Academy Prize

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