Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Shipping Management


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Pardo, Fernando.


Most of Liberia’s population of three million live in the vicinity of its 350 miles long coast and depend to a large extent on the resources and economy associated with the coastal area. There is also a huge potential for earnings from the exploitation of offshore petroleum, something, which has been discovered in Liberian waters but remains unexploited. The level of development in these areas, environmental considerations, regional cooperation and compliance with internationally agreed standards and conventions leaves much to be desired for Liberia. This dissertation is an appraisal of Liberia’s treatment of these important issues, both in legislation and practice and an insight into the historical and economic framework upon which event have and continue to unfold. The main objective of this dissertation is to highlight the importance of a sober reflection of the management of Liberia’s coastal areas and resources and to initiate discussions among policy makers and the general public about the necessity of setting into place measures for the proper management of the coastal area, their resources and the environment. The dissertation recommends the achievement of these ends through the establishment of an Integrated Coastal Resource Management Commission fully dedicated to designing plans for the optimization and sustainable development of the resources and the environment, and the economic opportunities affiliated with the coastal area. It also points to the importance of coordinating the efforts of all sectorial ministries and agencies of government and soliciting regional and international participation and coordination so as to achieve a holistic treatment of the whole issue of coastal resource management