Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration


Malmö, Sweden


South Korea

First Advisor

Schröder-Hinrichs, Jens-Uwe.


This dissertation is a study on the oversight scheme over recognized organizations acting on behalf of flag States for consistent and effective implementation of international instruments. A brief history of classification societies, which account for the most recognized organizations, is dealt with and the concept of recognized organizations and their significance is looked into in the first stage. The legal background of delegation of flag States’ authority to recognized organizations is examined, categorized by legal instruments developed by IMO and ILO. Categories of recognized organizations are identified through consideration of their capability and performance aspects. Consolidated audit summary reports (CASR) under the VIMSAS are investigated to justify the need for oversight of recognized organizations and to figure out specific problematic areas to be improved. Results of Port State Control (PSC) in Paris MoU are examined to look into the extent of recognized organization (RO)’s attribution to non-conformity with IMO instruments and to investigate differentials of performance level between various recognized organizations. The Qualification Management System Certification Scheme (QSCS) of International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) is investigated especially focusing on Accredited Certification Body (ACB). EU’s monitoring system of quality management systems of is recognized organizations is investigated. iv The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 developed by The International Labour Organization (ILO) is investigated in terms of its survey and certification scheme and delegation of States’ authority to recognized organizations to examine the applicability of RO related instruments developed by IMO in MLC 2006. The concluding chapter examines the areas to be improved for more effective implementation of international instruments in terms of oversight of recognized organizations based on the research in the previous chapter. A number of recommendations are made with regard to an effective oversight scheme of recognized organizations.