Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Hansen-Tangen, E.


The purpose of this paper is mainly to highlight the causes of marine pollution by oil on the Nigerian coastal waters which inclusively are deliberate operational discharges from cargo ships and tankers, and the exploitation and exploration of marine and submarine resources for oil and petrochemicals, especially exploitation of the seabed. The situation is worsened by sabotage induced oil spills. Also to deliberate on ways and means of finding a proper and an effective solution to prevent damages to properties, lives, amenities, and the environment, or at least reduce the effects to the barest minimum. The formation of contingency plan as a dictated precedent to protect the marine environment. This includes: component of a contingency plan, supporting studies, contingency plan activation, equipment to be used, -the containment and clean-up operations. The paper also takes a serious view of the establishment of a sound pollution policy common to all of -the Nigerian coastal waters, backed up with a scientific pollution management approach with -the associated legislations and result oriented projects implementation. General conclusion is -that, by establishing well balanced and practical occupational marine pollution policy, with the backups legislations, scientific management approach and projects implementation, Nigeria serious membership of IMO, full participation in most of -the international conventions, the implementation of the international rules and regulations and the updating of -the National Maritime Legislation, the Nigerian Marine industries can substitute expensive sophistication by a highly pollution conscious society/staff who will be in a position to use basic pollution rules coupled with common sense to enhance Marine environment pollution prevention. This will ensure pollution free ports, beaches and clean marine environment or at least reduce pollution to the lowest minimum with the subsequent economy advantage for Nigeria.