Date of Award


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Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Mathieu, Charles E.


It is often necessary for an administration surveyor to undertake survey of cargo ships during construction even when the vessel is being constructed under the supervision of class. This guideline is to assist the surveyor in survey of machinery. Only the important aspects of survey of a general cargo ship have been highlighted leaving additional details of specialised cargo ships. The total survey not only includes the machinery, but also hull construction, stability, fire protection, crew accommodation etc. These could not be included in this paper mainly because the paper would then be too bulky and would defeat the purpose of a handy guidebook. Details of testing methods and procedures, expected values of test results etc., are omitted since various standards are available for these and the choice of standards vary considerably. The surveyor is guided to the minimum safety aspects of machinery constructions and not to the choice of materials and number of equipment, which is the scope of ship owners or ship builders.