Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Shipping & Port Management


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Donner, Patrick.


This dissertation is an analysis of service quality in the maritime industry with emphasis on enhancing service quality in Tema Port in Ghana. A general overview of service quality is examined at the beginning of the study. This is further narrowed down to service quality amongst the various service providers in the maritime industry with specific focus on those operating in Tema Port. To gain a holistic understanding of the existing service quality in Tema Port and how it can be enhanced: the study, obtained information from shippers/freight forwarders and leading executives in the maritime industry in Ghana, from operational and managerial perspectives. The study revealed that, on a whole, service quality in Tema Port was at best average. Thus for it to be enhanced, the industry had to adopt a mix of both short and long term seaside and shore-side solutions. This study helps to provide an informative and well-rounded view of service quality in Tema Port. The study also brings together the various fragmented writings on improving service quality in Tema Port. It also demonstrates how service quality is assessed in the maritime industry and how the recurrent problems of port congestion, lack of equipment, delays in the clearance of goods, poor customer services, uncapped shipping agency charges, allegations of bribery and corruption and lack of innovation bedeviling service providers in Tema Port can be tackled. Additionally, it shows how the Ghanaian maritime industry can be positioned as a model of excellence in West Africa and beyond.