Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Muirhead, Peter M.


The dissertation is a study of the safe operation and navigation of High-speed Craft (HSC) and their impact upon the Malacca Strait. The definitions of HSC are compared and illustrated. The future trend, growth and development of current types of HSC and their inherent design limitations are investigated. The maneuvering systems and characteristics of HSC are analyzed. The active safety system employed by HSC is compared to the passive safety system of conventional vessels. The operation and navigation problems due to high-speed are investigated. The human resource management methods of reducing human errors are discussed. The navigational requirements of the HSC Code are reviewed to determine its weaknesses. The difficulties in various operational environments and the importance of appropriate aids to navigation are discussed. The collision avoidance techniques used by HSC operators are examined to determine their impact on the Colregs. Relevant rules affected by these techniques are discussed with a view of suggesting possible solutions. The factors affecting the development of HSC services in the littoral states of Malacca Strait are explored. Particular reference is made to developments in Malaysia. A brief look is taken at the marine environment in the Malacca Strait. The proposals by the littoral states to the International Maritime Organization to enhance the safety of navigation and the protection of the marine environment are considered for further improvement. Additionally, training methodology for HSC operators by a number of institutions is also investigated. The concluding chapters examine the results of the study and recommendations are made concerning the need to revise Chapter 13 of the HSC Code and the International Convention for Preventing Collisions at Sea. Proposals are also made regarding the need to improve the aids to navigation and the safety of navigation in the Malacca Strait.