Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Muirhead, Peter M.


Turkish Maritime Shipping and Traffic in the Turkish Straits and the Sea of Marmara has been effected due to lack of dissemination of navigational information, traffic monitoring and management during the past. There has always been a need for ships to navigate accurately and safely. This problem has created a number of ship collisions, accidents, fires, deaths and major pollution spills, loss of vessels and cargoes. This lack of proper traffic management has been led to the blockage of Straits by some casualties. These results directly cause harm to both the Turkish economy and environment and also effect other countries which have to use these sea ways. The paper examines the current traffic situation in the Turkish Straits and the Sea of Marmara and investigates current developments in vessel traffic management systems around the world. An attempt is made to determine how best the new technology can be applied to improve safety and effectiveness in the Straits. A number of recommendations on how a suitable and practicable VTS system may be successfully implemented in the Straits to fulfil the requirements of this sensitive area are made. To assist the development of a proposed VTS, technical specifications, operational plans, procedures and regulations, as well as training requirements for VTS operators, are recommended. The paper concludes with some views on the status of the Turkish Straits bearing in mind apparent conflicts between International Legislation.