Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Zade, Guenther


The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System is in its transition period and will be -fully operational by 1999. It is inevitable and time is running by very fast, so it should be smoothly introduced in order to be able to fully implement it before the time comes. In fulfillment of this task one of the most important aspects is regarding the education and training of new personnel who can work with the new system. As the curricula of education and training of personnel working with the GMDSS system have been changed, the author proposes a complete set of General Operator’s Certificate (GOO course in this dissertation. The other relevant courses for GMDSS could also be developed from this proposal with slight changes, as the GOC embodies some other courses like Restricted Operator’s Certificate (ROC), or upgrading course for those who possess the Radio Telephony (R/T) certificate. The training institutes should be prepared for conducting such courses. This dissertation starts with a history of communication, to give the basis to the reader in better understanding the shortcomings of old communication systems to be able to follow the step by step development of the new GMDSS system. Following Chapters introduce the GMDSS and compare the new and old systems in qualification requirements aspect. The core of this dissertation is the proposal for the General Operator’s Certificate. Summing up the dissertation it is the author’s proposals to achieve the goal, which is Education and Training of the new personnel for the GMDSS system