Continuous education and training of shore staff in a national shipping company: why? and how?

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Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



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Zade, Guenther


There is no doubt about the importance of the existence of national shipping in any state, since it plays an important role during peace and hostilities; both economically and politically. This could be easily concluded from the various subsidies or protections that different states contribute to their shipping industry in order to maintain a reasonable size of merchant fleet. Shipping is a very capital intensive industry. In some countries such capital is not available with private investors. Therefore, governments realizing this and at the same time feeling the need for a national shipping, may set up a state owned shipping company. If these companies aim to fulfil the government’s objectives effectively, they must perform efficiently. To achieve this efficiency, personnel must be continuously updated in the latest shipping technologies and trained to use those which are applicable to that company. This paper is focused on the shore staff and tries to show that development and up-dating of shore staff is as important as having qualified and competent sea personnel, as effective planning, good cooperation and monitoring is necessary for efficient operation. In achieving this, the role of national shipping in the national economy and its political aspects are highlighted first. Then, changes in shipping management in recent times are elaborated while constraints and economical and social factors affecting shipping are enumerated. Later, the need for motivating of human resources, the key factor to efficiency, are discussed. This is followed up by showing how training and education could enhance personnel performance and competency. And finally one of the courses proposed is developed completely, as an example, using the topics in the Annex -1.

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