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Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Zade, Guenther


Today-computers had been developed from Charles Babbage's Difference Engine and Herman Hollerith's Tabulating Machine, which were invented many decades ago. The development nowadays is dynamic, both in hardware and software, it makes the prices fall dramatically. It became possible and reasonable for developing countries to use the computers in their MET institutions and start teaching the cadets and officers. I believe that, in one day, microcomputers may take the workload of a tutor in classes in different forms (e.g. full mission-simulators). Microcomputers may also become one of the solutions for the shortage of lecturers. When the institution is furnished with computers, it is important to make sure that computers are used effectively. It is possible that teaching can be enhanced by using CBI (Computer Based Instructions) lessons and by using Computer Managed Learning(CML) systems. There are advantages and disadvantages in CBI use. The teacher should know them how they can affect the students’ learning psychology, so that he or she can avoid demotivation among the students. One should also be aware of computerphobia and should take care of the students who are computerphobic. In designing the CBI lessons, it is important to have the knowledge of the use of text, color, and graphic for presenting information as well as formulating questions and providing feedback. In developing the CBI lessons, aiming at the achievement of creativity and student motivation, one should plan the procedure step by step to minimize the drawbacks. There are eight steps needed to be taken for developing a CBI program. Like in a task analysis, the first step is to define the objectives of the subject that we are going to develop as a CBI program, after correctly selecting the level of the students. Details of the steps are explained in chapter III. It also explains the use of a hand scanner to produce the graphic and text that will be used in the lesson programs. Following the step-by-step procedure, a tutorial program on "Lifeboat Equipments" has been produced. This is to share my knowledge to the other maritime educators as a "practical experience. Even the commercially produced software existing on the market is not perfect for every user nor are the CBI programs or this program. It is a start and is intended to encourage other lecturers in maritime institutions to begin, to develop CBI program. For further development of the teaching environment, we should look forward to using multi-media application packages that may include CD-ROM drive, sound card, video frame grabber card, etc. Updating of knowledge is necessary and this can be done by: (a) reading books, magazines on the computers and applications, and papers from conferences such as IMLA (International Maritime Lecturers’ Association), INSLC (International Navigation Simulator Lecturers’ Conference), (b) participating in regional and international computer associations, and (c) exchanging experiences among the institutes through writing and electronic mail.