Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Cross, S. J.


Ship Stability is one of the maritime subjects which raises lot of enthusiasm and controversy. As long as ships continue to be lost at sea, the need will exist for a constant reviewing of stability standards and increasing exigency to provide more effective regulations. The present study will be focussed on three main modules. These modules are: technology, regulations and training. Whenever an accident happened at sea people are called to find probable persons or authorities responsible. They concentrated their research on: the ship Master and crew, the national and international regulations and the ship. As far as navigation is concerned, the master will be responsible, from a legal point of view, for any accident or damage caused by his ship to any other things. The problem highlighted here is to know if the ship master get the necessary technical background to confront all kinds of situation he might encounter at sea. This study will be divided into five chapters. The first chapter deals with what we can call the naval architecture heritage. The characteristic conditions of a vessel are the doing of the naval architect. As far as the building is finished the Master will just have to cope with it. The second chapter concerns the factors affecting the ship stability and mostly the marine environment. The marine environment in which the ship will sail for all its life is not always friendly. Chapter three is about how ship Masters use the information given by the shipbuilder in order to find the best conditions in which they can navigate safely and in accordance with the regulations. The case study is only one of various incident that can happen if something goes wrong or somebody makes a mistake. The case of the HERALD OF FREE ENTERPRISE is interesting in the way that it raises many problems and questions involving all the parties concerned. Finally it is time to try to understand what training can and must do in order* to improve the navigation conditions. On other hand we will look at the International Maritime Organization for assistance in upgrading trainers.