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Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Cross, Stephen J.


This study deals with the subject of dangerous goods and safety in the ports of Pakistan and in particular, Port of Karachi. The purpose is not an attempt to highlight the short comings nor could it rectify short comings. This is purely an attempt at underscoring the risk factors inherent to industry under normal operating conditions and is suggesting, that by adaptation and implementation of International regulations And following practices of established systems and procedures of other developed countries, shall create a safer environment and prevent unwanted occurrences. It is evident that in some instances a false sense of security, fortunately due to the lack of very serious incidents, has been created in certain areas of the industry. This feeling of complacency is harmful and needs to be changed. Prudent operations at all levels, though sometimes difficult, will create and continue to evolve a healthy and safe environment. One of the most important tasks of Port Management is to implant a high degree of safety consciousness into its organization. Governing Bodies, Port Authorities, may invest vast sums on all types of high technology and expensive accident preventive appliances, yet in the absence of safety consciousness at all levels of the organization, this investment is merely wasted.