Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden


Saudi Arabia

First Advisor

Wagner, Bertil.


The goal of this dissertation is to bridge the big gap between the present situation of BGNI and the other developed maritime institutions. In this dissertation BGNI was subjected to a detailed study. The developing use of the computer and its progress from the first generation to the present time has been efficiently used in developed maritime institutes. In addition, the reasons why BGNI benefit from the advance of CAL are suggested. This study includes the different aspects which are demanded for BGNI. The conditions and environment at features of the KSA that led to the establishment of BGNI, are narrated. Accordingly, a study of the development plans, tasks and responsibilities of the BGNI stresses the necessity to keep the institute in touch with the advances in technology in MET. The educational situation of KSA in general, and at BGNI in particular, is prefaced. Computer modes as enclosures for the educational, training and management subjects are explained. Also a discussion about the theoretical basis of CAL is attached. An evaluation process for computer program and instructor staff at BGNI are in need of reform. The reformed evaluation process will help in the progress of using computers for MET at the BGNI. Comments about the management at BGNI explain the important role of the information and communication technologies to the management process at maritime institutions. Finally, the dissertation is conclude with the recommendations for the use of computer technology as an aid for learning and training at the Border Guard Naval Institute.