Date of Award


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Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden


Sri Lanka

First Advisor

Zade, Günther.


In the first chapter a brief discription of shipping geography, trade, ports and types of ships available today and in future is given. In the chapter under the heading of "The Influence of Modern Technology on Maritime Operations'' the influence of modern technology' in the fields of Communication, Navigation, Cargo Operations, Propulsion and Maintenance is given in order to highlight the degree of automation that is introduced which does not require highly trained personnel due to improved reliabality of equipment. In the chapter under the heading of "The Impact of Modernized maritime Operations on E & T of Shipboard Personnel." I have highlighted the motive for integrating and the integration concept for officers and ratings.In this chapter I have argued out the wisdom to educate officers broadly on both the disciplines rather than narrowly training personnel on each discipline. Next chapter gives a brief outline of integrated Maritime Education as practiced in many leading maritime countries. In the last chapter as a conclusion an outline of a Integrated Maritime Education System is given with comments on some aspects of Maritime Education.